Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Future Snores

Time for another Let's Play with me and Gabriel, in this case, 1989's Future Wars, an early game by Delphine Software (of Another World and Flashback fame) that they probably hoped everyone would have forgotten about by now. Here is a quote from our commentary: "Why, that's the biggest another monkey's butt I've ever seen". Why not try to guess what the context for that was, then watch the video and see how close you were?

So there's that. Also I thought I'd mention something that I've been banging on about at the end of Zero Punctuation for the last few weeks, and that's the planned Escapist Expo in September.

Yes, my colleagues are organising a game convention get-together fun times scenario type thing in the city of Durham, North Carolina, where the Escapist offices are based. I've been there once before after I did the GameX convention a while back but it'll be nice to see how massively it's changed since then. I'll be attending along with Graham and Paul from LRR and MovieBob and several other of my Escapist chums, so this presents American readers an ideal opportunity to hang out, get copies of Mogworld signed or perhaps murder me while I've been foolish enough to make my whereabouts publicly known for a brief period.

It's on the weekend of September 14-16, 2012, and here's the site again with more details. Make a note, assassins.


  1. Whoo! Perfect timing; I needed something to fill in this boring afternoon at work.

    I played flashback back on the SNES, but only recently heard about Future Wars and Out of this World.

  2. I honestly don't know why Americans tend to fuck up cover art. Makes it hard for us Canadians to be purchasing good games if the yanks keep screwing it up for us.>:/(ie. ICO)

    Maybe its an independence complex or something


      The ICO case is a weird one. From what I hear, the game was released in the US first, before even Japan, and the game and cover art were not finished. So not only did they get a crappy, rushed cover, but an unpolished game too.

  3. Thank god Yahtzee. I've been waiting so long for you to release another one. Your book rocks by the way.

  4. Ok so re: Gabriel's comment around the 6 minute mark about Ready 2 Rumble and Blue Stinger on the Dreamcast, I'm very familiar with the glorious cheesefest that is BS ("Help me Dogs Bowser!"), as would be anyone who watched Consolevania. I did have to google the boxing one though, and I don't think this is the way round Gabriel meant. I don't think my head works in the same way as his at all...

  5. You're a professional journalist, because professionals have standards. You're not very polite, though.

  6. Heres a nice breakdown of that whole boxart thing.

  7. Good times. I don't usually give the Internet a whole hour plus of watching the same thing, but I find these Let's Plays actually hold my attention (more or less, I mean I checked some e-mail and browsed my Amazon wish list a bit, but take what you can get!).

  8. Another quality Let's Play. I really do wish this became at the very least a bi-weekly thing. Get it hosted somewhere so you can do these for money and churn them out constantly, thanks!

  9. Great Lets Play.

    When you come to Durham, if you need to know the places to get a good beer let me know. There are tons of great breweries in town.

  10. I was just about to post you a link to that episode of David Mitchell's Soap Box and then Yahtzee beat me to the punch. I assume you've seen the one on 3D as well?

  11. Between "Baron Connect 4 III" and "Connect 4 von Smithe" Gabriel's used Connect 4 in his names twice.

    God I watch too much of these.

  12. This probably was already suggested, but could you please do I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream?

  13. Gabe's right, the U.S. is collapsing. Future students of the world will learn about "The Rise and Fall of the 300 Year Nation".

  14. Yay! Another Lets Play! Love these things - thanks!

  15. I think Gabe has his ideas of critics and journalists mixed up. Everyone with an opinion considers themselves a critic.

  16. I am a huge fan of Zero Punctuation and just discovered that you do old school Let's Plays! This will be my wake-up jam for a week. I love the way you can appreciate what's fun about games, but you still have high standards for them and dreams for what they could be if only more people would give shits.

    I notice someone mentioned "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream." I googled to see if you've done that one already, but didn't come up with anything. I'd love to see you play it!

  17. Can't wait 'til escapist expo. I'll bringing my copy of Mogworld for you to sign, but what I really want to know is will your new book will be out by then?

  18. Your let's plays are some of the most well made I have ever seen. Keep them coming!

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